The Listing Presentation Agenda

    • Our first goal is to discuss your priorities, preferences, requirements and timeline for selling your home. I understand how personal selling a home is and I want you to be clear in outlining how I can be of most help and service to you.
    • How am I a good fit for you? We will discuss my qualifications as an agent, and what resources I have available to me to achieve your goals.

  • What is the likely buyer profile? We will decide how to position your home accordingly
  • Our marketing plan is to comprehensively reach every potential buyer (and every broker who might have a buyer) wherever they might be located.
  • Part of that marketing plan is understanding what your options are for preparing your property to show in its best possible light.
  • When selling your home, it is imperative to understand the current market conditions . This information, coupled with a clear comparative market analysis, will enable us to price your home to maximize market response and final sales price.
  • With the specifics covered, we can then step back a bit and take a look at how the entire listing, sales and escrow process will work, including the typical costs of sale and a calculation of your estimated proceeds.
  • The final piece is to pour over the state agency disclosure and the standard listing contract.
  • As your agent, I am here to facilitate the sale of your home. That said, I encourage you to ask questions, voice concerns and speak freely. The listing presentation does not end until I have answered your questions clearly and sufficiently.