New Feng Shui Selling Points for that Modern $30 Million Mansion

96 Ridge View Drive Aerial

With a buyer yet to emerge for the modern Atherton mansion which sits on a 1.6-acre parcel at 96 Ridge View Drive, the marketing materials for the Stanley Saitowitz designed home, which currently sports a $29.8 million price tag, have just been updated to highlight nine “Feng Shui Features” of the property:

1. “The home is sited well and with sweeping views”
2. “The property is shaped like a money purse”
3. “There is a water feature at the front entrance”
4. “[There is a] good balance between concrete and glass”
5. “[The] stove is protected in the kitchen so you don’t see it from an entry door”
6. “[The] master bedroom is not above the kitchen”
7. “[The] natural light around the rear staircase is good”
8. “[The] living room is open and wide”

And number nine: “[The] grounded nature of the home will allow the owner to expand their income.” We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

~Source SocketSite