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Through his extensive knowledge, expertise and comprehensive understanding of the trends within the San Francisco real estate market, John Macon is committed to providing his clients with a truly impressive real estate experience. His trusted perspective, acute discretion and thorough and responsive representation are highly valued. Specializing in Residential, Luxury and Investment Properties, John executes on behalf of his clients with very deliberate, strategic and skillful measures that achieve outstanding results.

John’s proficient counsel, keen insights and deep commitment are clearly exhibited at every interaction. In personally working with each client and upon understanding their specific priorities, he diligently aligns and applies himself in order to accomplish their real estate goals. When working with sellers, he designs an impactful presentation that skillfully heightens each listing’s visibility to stand out from the competition by utilizing professionally produced photography together with a presentation in print and on numerous websites. When working with buyers, he carefully listens and diligently aligns and applies himself so that he may locate a residence and distinguished setting that meets their lifestyle requirements.

Through John’s deep commitment to his clients and the valued relationships developed with them, he exhibits genuine care, dedication and true advocacy. He is very thorough in providing constant communication and is always extremely attentive, accessible and responds promptly to his clients. When met with a tough challenge, he is highly skilled in negotiating the critical, contractual components of the transaction and is masterful at finding creative and equitable solutions. In recognition of his dedication to his clients and the valued relationships developed with them, he serves an enthusiastic referral base. Delivering responsive, confident results with a compassionate, impactful approach are all part of John’s distinguished style in always accomplishing truly elevated achievements for his clients.

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