20 Agent To-Dos for Your Open House

The open house is typically the first time a prospective buyer sees your home. It’s vital that your home is marketed comprehensively.

  1. Radius-mailing invitation to neighbors for 1st open house
  2. Flyer delivery or email announcement to selected agents most likely to be working with buyers for your home (for 1st open house)
  3. Alert other agents, the agent’s client list and sphere of influence
  4. Place ad in the Chronicle’s open house listing section
  5. Post date and time to MLS
  6. Update the dedicated property and showcase the website created for your home
  7. Post date, time, description, photos and link to property’s website to Craigslist.com
  8. Order color property statements and brochures
  9. Order financing-options outlines from mortgage broker
  10. Pull updates on competitive listings and comparable sold homes
  11. Make copies of comprehensive property-disclosure package
  12. Create package of informational materials for home buyers
  13. Purchase light snacks, beverages and fresh flowers, as appropriate
  14. Post directional A-frames around neighborhood to direct traffic to the house; leave driveway open for visitor parking
  15. Turn on lights, open drapes, turn on music, ensure valuables are out of view and the home is ready to been shown in its best possible light
  16. Greet all visitors at the door, get their names, qualify them and provide information on the home and neighborhood
  17. Circulate to maintain security and answer questions
  18. Ensure house is securely locked upon leaving
  19. Follow-up calls to buyers, and agents of buyers, who expressed interest
  20. Call you with an update regarding market response